Woopie (Write Only Once, Publish It Everywhere) empowers writers and publishers to easily reach their audiences on all devices and platforms through a digital content publishing tool focused on responsive design.

Your audience is using hundreds of different devices, operating systems, formats, and resolutions. Testing your publications, books, reports and documents to make sure your message comes across on all of these is time-consuming and expensive.

Woopie solves this problem by helping your content, whether it’s breaking news, a fashion article, a shareholder report or an interactive educational book, be readable & accessible on every device from iPhones to Androids, from laptops to Kindles, from iPads to desktops.

What’s more: Woopie helps you to monetize your content by helping you get your products into a variety of marketplaces so you can reach the broadest audience possible.

With Woopie, you can create a new magazine, ebook, annual report, or even interactive, educational workbook in just a few minutes. Then let your readers enjoy it on any browser, tablet, phone, Kindle, or other device.