Contextly enables publications of all sizes to be both informative and viable in the age of drive-by readers by marrying editorial wisdom to the power of algorithms.

Contextly’s content recommendation platform helps publishers thrive in the age of drive-by readers. We help publishers and content marketers engage, build and monetize high-value, loyal audiences. We do that by marrying curation tools to machine learning.

Contextly significantly boosts engagement and loyalty. In a recent A/B test on two big customers, Contextly readers were 2x as likely to read 2+ stories, 3x likely to read 3+ stories and 3.5x as likely to binge on 4+ stories. They were also 42% more likely to return after a 24-hour absence.

Our method – editorial curation and machine learning – reflects our founding team. Ryan Singel worked at Wired for a decade, while Ben Autrey has been building graph-based recommendation systems for 5 years.

Our platform also works on videos, house ads and products. Our goal is to maximize the lifetime value of a reader, so we do NOT monetize via brand-destroying clickbait that takes readers offsite. We are a SaaS company and have revenue.