Matter Two

Butler brings event tracking to the masses. We empower non-technical team members to take a user-centered approach to their work by enabling them to track the journey of an individual customer through their website or application without having to call engineering.

Automatically Categorize Active, New, and Slipping Away Users. See what your users are doing with your product. Butler lets you understand who your most engaged users are, and which ones may be falling away. We automatically aggregate all actions and present them in an easy-to-read timeline.

Segment Users With Precision. Group your users by any action (e.g., page views and clicks). Since all actions are captured automatically, you can retroactively group your users any way you want. Keep track of the cohorts that are most important to you. We handle the heavy data crunching, so you can make smarter decisions.

Butler lets you evaluate your user actions over time. Because everything is tracked automatically, you can retroactively track a particular user action and see its associated trend data.

Butler is easy to use. Unlike other products, Butler captures all user interactions automatically! This includes user actions such as pageviews, link clicks, button clicks, and form submissions. You no longer have to be a developer or manually track each action in the code. Since everything is captured for you, you can go back at anytime to pick and choose what you want to analyze.