Clay Shirky wrote a blog post back in 2009 when the bottom was falling out of the journalism industry. He wrote, “If the old model is broken, what will work in its place? The answer is: Nothing will work, but everything might. Now is the time for lots and lots of experiments.”

We are looking for early-stage media ventures that are changing media for good. Ventures that have the potential to make society more informed, connected, and empowered. We believe the future of media that matters is being created right now by entrepreneurs like you and it will be created through lots and lots of experiments.

Inform, Empower, Connect

Be at the center of a community of mentors, investors, and organizational partners sharing feedback, insights, and connections and coming together for office hours, speaker series, and design reviews.

Fail As Fast As You Can

Immerse yourself in a creative, collaborative culture designed to help you be human-centered, prototype-driven, and fail quickly to succeed sooner.

Empathize for Insight

You’ll work elbow to elbow with other media entrepreneurs on the same journey in our creative space near South Park in San Francisco.

The Impact of Culture

Everything we do comes down to culture and community — a culture that embraces being human-centered, prototype-driven, and failing forward and a strong community that supports our entrepreneurs along the journey that we call “the drunken walk of the entrepreneur.”

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