Field Notes : Max Ventilla

During your process: Assume that you are wrong.

And make continuous improvement the goal. Create a mechanism that allows you to select, edit, and kill things that do not make the cut in your Darwininan process.

After Design Review Zero at Matter in May, we were told to be ruthless about ‘killing puppies,’ ‘kill your darlings,’ and at the same time, ‘don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.’ It requires surgical precision to remove tumors without killing healthy tissue. Establish clear criteria, weight them accordingly, and move on from there. Remember to positively introduce new changes, not just kill things.

Surround yourself with people who understand your process. Hire and indoctrinate to support it at all costs.

And finally, we were incredibly encouraged by Max’s advice to:

Focus on acceleration, not milestones.

Milestones focus on the distance you have traveled, but if you focus on acceleration, then the distance just comes naturally. Acceleration is especially important because momentum is crucial for team dymanics and setting a company culture of focusing on action plans and ‘doing.’