Join a community changing media for good.

In the most challenging media climate ever, Matter is looking for scrappy entrepreneurs inspired to make real change. Here’s how our application process works:

We look for teams that are…

We want to support founders who are building a more informed, inclusive, and empathetic society. In an industry whose definition is ever-changing, we fund inspired and inspiring founders who have the passion, guts, and grit to build ventures of scale, profit, and impact.

We don’t invest in projects, non-profits, or teams at existing institutions. We invest in for-profit, scalable start-up ventures. You don’t need to have your business model or growth strategy figured out at the start, but you should be very serious about cracking it.

Committed & Capable
At the end of the day, it’s about the people. We are looking for scrappy, multi-disciplinary teams of 2-4 full-time co-founders who have a history of working well together. Your team has the technical skills to build your product, and all of you are ready to move to San Francisco or New York City for the full duration of the program.

Ready for Acceleration
Our program is proven to work for companies at various stages — whether you’re pre-funding with a working prototype or in the midst of closing a $1.5M seed round with a launched product. Either way, you must be dedicated to iterative learning and prototyping in order to achieve product-market fit and scale.

What A Good Pitch Should Address

Here’s the full gamut of questions we make sure our entrepreneurs address in every Design Review. If you can wrap all of them into a character-driven narrative, we’ll be impressed.

  • Gut Reaction

    Does the pitch make our excitement outweigh our hesitations?

  • Top-Down Trends

    Do the top-down trends make the space worth pursuing?

  • Bottom-Up POV

    Is there a clear bottom-up user point of view?
    (user + context + need + deep insights)

  • Product

    Does the product meet the need in a compelling way?
    (Is the end-to-end user journey clear?)

  • Journey

    Is the user journey clear?

  • Growth

    Is there a clear and compelling growth hypothesis?

  • Business Model

    Is there a clear path to making money? Is the opportunity big enough?

  • Market

    Is the market big enough for VC investment? Or if not, is there an alternative path to viability?

  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage

    Is there a strategy to eventually secure a sustainable competitive advantage?

  • Milestones

    Are the milestones for the next 12-18 months concrete, and do they show momentum?

  • Team

    Why is this team uniquely qualified to build this venture together?

  • Storytelling

    Is the storytelling clear, concrete, and compelling?