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Our Entrepreneurs

“I’ve learned such a huge amount in terms of how to build a team, iterate, and fail forward.”
Ceci Mourkogiannis, CEO

“I feel like I’m armed with the tools to take on the future of our business.”
Nick Smit, Co-Founder

“We joined Matter without knowing what the impact would be. It changed my life and how I think about things.”
Jenny Bai, CEO

20 weeks to Demo Day

2 Locations. 1 Program.

Our interwoven program exposes both our San Francisco-based and New York-based teams to the Innovation Capital of the World and the Media Capital of the World. Throughout the 20 weeks, we create a structured and supportive environment to accelerate their path to product-market fit.

Matter is design thinking as applied to early-stage entrepreneurship as applied to the future of media that matters. a 20-week accelerator program based on human-centered, prototype-driven design. a community of more than 100 entrepreneurs, 49 portfolio companies, 10 partner organizations, and 150+ mentors. home to a collaborative culture of experimentation designed to help you fail quickly to succeed sooner. your chance to receive $50K in investment, a space in San Francisco or New York City, and a tight-knit cohort of fellow entrepreneurs.

Our Partners

“Matter is a big part of KQED’s “outside in” innovation strategy. We leverage Matter’s design thinking and connections to entrepreneurs.”
Tim Olson, VP Digital & Education

“Matter is a source of innovation for our company and a training camp for our people, all rolled into one.”
Jim Kennedy, SVP Strategic Planning

“When Matter connected us to its media partners, we got an incredible launchpad to help accelerate our thinking, test our products in market, and gain access to investment.”
Niles Lichtenstein, CEO
The History Project

The New York Times joins Matter